Survivors from around the globe welcome US federal investigation of Pennsylvania dioceses but inquiry needs to be nationwide

US justice officials are well behind Australia and other countries.

October 18, 2018. Today it was learned that the US Justice Department has finally launched an investigation into the sex abuse of children and the cover up of those crimes in the dioceses of Pennsylvania. This is a long overdue and significant development.  It should lead to a nationwide probe of every diocese and religious order in the US, especially where the documentation and evidence is similar, if not more damning, than Pennsylvania. This includes several states where nearly full sets of church documents have been court ordered released through civil courts and church bankruptcies. There are now over a million pages of abuse files that have been made public across the […]

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Three Actions to #EnditNow

According to Ending Clergy Abuse (ECA), any plan by the Pope must include these 3 actions:

1. Enact global zero tolerance for any abusive cleric and superior’s complicity. Even one substantiated act of child sexual abuse or cover-up, no matter when it occurred, will result in their permanent removal from ministry or office.

2. Create a global public registry of all clergy with substantiated allegations of sexual abuse. This would begin with the immediate publication of the 3,400 clergy found guilty by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF). This will protect our children and communities.

3. Declare the obligation to report child sexual abuse allegations current and past to civil authorities. Not reporting it should mean immediate excommunication.

These three measures are crucial if the Pope is going to “spare […]

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Global survivors to Pope Francis: 3 things you must do now to end clergy abuse

Global survivors to Pope Francis: 3 things you must do now to end clergy abuse

The words require planning and action. These 3 actions, group says, will turn the corner on clergy sex abuse and cover-ups

In yesterday’s letter by the Pope,‘Letter to the People of God’, Francis correctly identifies sexual abuse as a crime, not just a sin. That is why the cover-up of sex crimes by bishops must be dealt with by justice systems around the world. The Pope, for the first time, talks about the importance of eliminating the statutes of limitation of child sexual abuse. “The pain and the truth does not end,” he said. Nevertheless, in his 2,000-word ‘Letter to the People of God’, Pope Francis neither mentions nor commits to a single concrete step to solve […]

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31 Chilean Bishops Resign

May.18, 2018 — In the biggest shake-up yet in the Catholic Church’s long-running sex abuse scandal, every active Chilean bishop offered to resign Friday over what Pope Francis said was their “grave negligence” in investigating abuse and protecting children.

The bishops announced at the end of an emergency Vatican summit that all 31 active bishops in Rome had signed a document offering to resign.

Francis can accept the resignations, reject them or delay a decision, and the bishops remain in place until he acts. But the symbolic significance of an entire national bishops’ conference resigning en masse because they covered-up for pedophiles marked a historic moment in the decades-long saga.
Full article can be read here: AP News […]

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To Fight Against Pedophilia in the Church, We Must Change our Logic

José Andrés Murillo: “To fight against pedophilia in the Church, we must change our logic”

Members of the “Laicos de Osorno” protest against sexual abuse in front of Santiago de Chile Cathedral, January 18, 2018. Esteban Felix AP

Interview with Marie Malzac of LaCroix Press: 1/22/2018

Founder of the Chilean association for the fight against sexual abuse “For confidence”, José Andrés Murillo expects the Pope to “reverse the logic of power” in place according to him in the Catholic Church.

LaCroix: You say that you expect more actions and less words from the pope. In concrete terms, what do you blame for the fight against sexual abuse in the Church?

José Andrés Murillo: Pope Francis has spoken on many occasions about the issue of sexual […]

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In Chile, Victims of a Pedophile Priest Satisfied with the Visit of the Pope’s Envoy

José Andrés Murillo José Andrés Murillo, director of the “Para la confianza” foundation, speaks to the press in Santiago, Chile February 21, 2018 / Luis Hidalgo / AP

Reported from La Croix Press 3-23-2018: In taking the defense, during his trip to Chile in January, of Bishop Juan Barros, Bishop of Osorno, who was accused of having covered the actions of Father Fernando Karadima, a sexual predator of whom he was very close, Pope Francis deeply shocked public opinion. A few days later, he explained himself before apologizing. In the process, he had appointed Bishop Charles Scicluna, the Vatican advocate and known for his courageous work in the fight against pedophilia in the Church, to be his special envoy to Chile, where he […]

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First Woman to Denounce the Marist Case

Brother Germán Chávez Brother Germán Chávez, recently denounced in the Maristas case.

Reported in The Clinic 3/20/2018: On Monday, part of the Marist case reporters finally filed a lawsuit against five religious, including Cristián Precht, for the crimes of illicit association, improper rape and favoring the prostitution of minors, among others. The document includes the story of three new victims, among them, that of a woman who would have been abused by a Marist religious.

The woman who, despite not having been a student of a Marist school, did have a close relationship with the Alonso de Ercilla Institute because one of her brothers studied at that institution.

“It was a Sunday in December 1978, I was 15 years old. Together with her older sister, […]

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In the Name of God

Report by Lenka Carvallo, March 22, 2018: A pedophilia network that would involve well-known diocesan, Marist and lay priests. Sexual abuse committed through religious rites. Together with five IAE alumni, we reconstruct a plot that has this influential educational congregation in suspense, the second most important in Chile. A series of complaints will be made public these days. The Marists defend themselves.

Full Report:

Fotos Camilo Melús

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