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ECA is working globally to end clergy abuse especially in the Catholic Church. Although we do not provide therapy or counseling for survivors, there are a number of resources available on the Resources page of this website which could assist those survivors who need individual support. Part of ECA’s efforts is to determine the extent of clergy sexual abuse worldwide and your story would help our cause. If you would like to tell us your story, please do so in the form below.


Thursday Feb. 21 and Friday Feb.22
1. Please bring an object from childhood, a symbol of something that is meaningful to you that depicts what childhood meant to you and how your childhood changed because of the abuse. Something that you would be willing to speak about during our session dedicated to having survivors tell their stories on camera.
The object could be a religious object (rosary, prayer book, etc) or something else, a teddy bear, a small statuette, a hat, a necklace, a painting, etc. Something that is symbolic and important to you that reminds you of your childhood and what was lost.
2. Survivor Art – If you paint or draw, perhaps bring one of your items to hang on the walls (or bring a digital version of it enlarged) and be prepared to speak about its relationship to your childhood trauma or your healing process.
3. Bring a picture of you as a child, at the time of the abuse, or close to that time.
4. Bring a picture of the abuser and Archbishop or Bishop who was complicit in the coverup.
5. Write out your story so you are prepared to concisely share your testimony.
6. Submit your story below or to the German Focus Magazine. Send to

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