Clergy Sexual Abuse in Jamaica

Denise Buchanan speaks at a press conference in Lima, Peru in January 2018, which was organized by LAMULA and PROMSEX (The Center for the Promotion and Defense of Sexual and Reproductive Rights). The press conference highlighted the formation of The Accountability Project (TAP) which has become ECA – Ending Clergy Abuse. Denise Buchanan explains the effects of trauma caused by being sexually abused by a priest in Jamaica at 17 years of age and the fact that reparation is important for victims of clergy abuse.

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Update Asia


In 2002 the Catholic Church apologized for sexual abuses, including adultery, homosexuality and child abuse by 200 priests over the previous 20 years.

In 2003 at least 34 priests were suspended in a sex abuse scandal involving sexual harassment of women. Twenty men were from a single diocese.

In 2011, a priest accused of sexually abusing a 17-year-old female minor was sheltered by his Bishop, despite calls for his surrender to civil authorities.

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Update Africa


In 2009 several people accused an Italian priest, Fr. Sesana, working in the country of sexual molestation. The Church assured them it was investigating the case, but that did not appear to happen. Kenyan police said they found no evidence and believed Sesana is innocent.

In 2010 a young woman alleged that a Catholic priest had raped her but the police and Church authorities had failed to follow up the allegations.

The 2011 Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTÉ) documentary “A Mission To Prey” publicized Kenya’s clerical abuse cases, saying they should have been handled with more transparency. It was discovered that this program mistakenly alleged that Fr. Kevin Reynolds was an abuser, causing him to be removed from his home and his parish ministry. RTÉ has subsequently apologized for this program and […]

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Bishop Accountability Project

The core of the library at and online holdings is a remarkable collection of tens of thousands of diocesan and religious order documents. Hundreds of thousands of secret church documents have been obtained in criminal investigations of sexual abuse and document production in civil suits, mostly in the United States, but also in Canada, Ireland, England, France, Belgium, and other countries. Most of the documents pertaining to sexual abuse have been found in the secret archives files of accused priests. These files are maintained by dioceses and provinces of religious orders worldwide as directed by the Code of Canon Law.

The archives were made public in connection with sexual abuse complaints – after criminal investigations or document discovery in litigation. But the significance of the archives […]

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International Conference for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse in the Church, Warsaw, Poland

In November 2017, Speakers and Child Advocates from Poland, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Chile, Spain and Jamaica met and presented information and participated in discussions on the state of child abuse by clergy throughout the world and what can be done to protect children.

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