ECA’s Social Media Ambassadors Program

ECA’s Social Media Ambassadors Program is an exciting and easy way to activate passionate people to get involved with ECA and to encourage existing members who know and love the mission of ECA to spread the word about ECA globally.

ECA will utilize Social Media Ambassadors to direct strong social media campaigns and ECA messages to target specific regions and issues of clergy sexual abuse of children, as an entry point into highlighting the global nature of the problem.


ECA needs enthusiastic people globally who are:

  1. Willing to bring valuable content to the world to raise awareness about ECA’s mission and campaigns.
    (ECA will set engagement goals for each campaign) and
  2. Assist in fundraising from their networks to sustain the mission and actions of ECA.
    (ECA will set fundraising goals for each campaign)
  3. Willing to empower and build a network of “grassroots” activists to support the mission of ECA

Who can apply? ​  Anybody willing to help!

What will you do?

Be a Social Media Activist
a. Focus on short-term campaigns: Systematically flood your Social Media Network (Facebook, Twitter, others) with ECA’s posts for dedicated campaigns
b. Weekly social media activity to create brand awareness (tweets, Facebook, LinkedIn posts, Pinterest pins and Instagram ready photos), at least 2 posts a week
c. Encourage commenting and other interaction by disabling strict privacy settings on your social media sites
d. Use hashtags to build community and monitor the conversation
e. Target online supporters based on their sphere of influence.
f. Target Influencers and supporters on LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube
g. Actively look for ECA related news / articles / posts and tag / post to Twitter and/or Facebook mentioning ENDCLERGYABUSE

How will ECA help the Social Media team succeed?
a. Content
i. Create content that is well-written, original, compelling, timely, relevant and interesting
ii. Graphics provided, hashtags provided, all relevant people tagged
iii. Organized so that it is extremely easy to share

b. Thank You Campaigns
i. Celebrate milestones in fundraising and social engagements
ii. Celebrate a Facebook and Twitter Ambassador / Activist of the Week
iii. Create a gallery of Social Media Team of the Week on ECA’s website

c. Provide an ECA Social Media Handbook for Country Coordinators / Ambassadors on how to build a network of Activists (10 steps)

Apply below: Yes I want to be a Social Media Ambassador!