Seattle archbishop is stonewalling push for more transparency of church sex-abuse cases, group contends.

Paul Etienne took over as Seattle’s archbishop in 2019. An alliance of practicing Catholics say the archbishop has refused to discuss their call for a citizen-led review of the Seattle Archdiocese’s private records on clergy abuse. (Rebekah Welch / The Seattle Times). Lewis Kamb. Seattle Times staff reporter.

Their ranks include […]

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2020 Poland Report: The Church is responsible for pedophilia by priests.

01 April 2020 (10:00) | Source: – local editions.

Poznan: The Church is responsible for pedophilia by priests. The Supreme Court dismisses the cassation appeal in a precedential case.
No one will now overturn the landmark judgment in the case of paedophilia in the Polish Church. On Tuesday the Supreme Court dismissed the cassation […]

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