Pope’s chief architect of abuse policy quits; global survivors respond.

Hans Zollner, ayer en Roma.ANTONELLO NUSCA. ZOLLNER: FRANCIS'S KEY OVERSIGHT AND COMPLIANCE COMMISSION HAS FAILED. MARCH 29, 2023. This morning, Fr. Hans Zollner, the chief architect of Pope Francis’s clergy sex abuse policy, announced his resignation from the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors. The Commission, established in 2014, is the centerpiece of Pope Francis’s response to the global clergy sexual abuse catastrophe. The Commission’s mandate, according to Zollner, was to ensure “responsibility, compliance, accountability, and transparency.” [...]

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Ten years after becoming Pope, why has Francis yet to make zero tolerance a universal church law?

(Photo Credit) Pope Francis leaves at the end of the Mass of Saint Peter and Paul at the Vatican, June 29, 2021. REUTERS/Remo Casilli. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 03-13-2023 When Jose Bergolio became Pope ten years ago, he vowed to hundreds of thousands of survivors around the world that he would put an end to the church’s global system of clerical sex crimes and cover-up. To do that, he would need to do what his predecessors refused to do: [...]

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KINSHASA: JAN 31, 2023. Survivors and Advocates for E.C.A. (Ending Clergy Abuse) and C.O.M.E. groups will be on the streets urging Pope Francis to speak with victims of clergy abuse and urging him to protect children from clergy sexual abuse. They will be at the following locations: Wednesday February 1: TIME: 16h30  Nonciature - where Pope Francis will meet with victims of the war WHO: E.C.A. and C.O.M.E. groups will be there to urge Pope Francis to meet with victims [...]

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Historic Press Conference to be held on Eve of Pope’s visit to the DRC on Clergy Sex Abuse

MEDIA ALERT. For Immediate Release, January 25, 2023; ] Current Clergy Sex Abuse Cases in DRC Exposed. Clergy sex abuse victims in Kinshasa call on Pope to help. Survivors and Advocates in DRC call for Zero Tolerance for Clergy Sex Abuse. For the first time in Africa, international activists will join with Congolese survivors and advocates in a press conference to highlight the failure of the Catholic Church to protect survivors and whistleblowers.  Pope Francis will visit the Democratic [...]

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Biden silence on Pope Benedict XVI’s clergy abuse record devastating to US victims

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 4 January, 2023. Clergy abuse victims to Ambassador Donnelly: Reconsider attending the Pope's funeral. Ambassador Donnelly has not followed through on promise to meet with victims. CONTACT: Peter Isely ECA Founding Member, Spokesperson 414-429-7259 Tim Law ECA Co-founder/Board Member 206-412-0165 Joining an open letter issued today, the US section of the international clergy abuse organization Ending Clergy Abuse (ECA) is calling on state delegations, including the one being sent by President Joe Biden, to [...]

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State delegations’ silence on Pope Benedict XVI’s clergy abuse cover-up record devastating to victims and families around the world

JANUARY 3, 2023 This week, the Vatican will lead a global memorial and celebration, honoring the life and legacy of Pope Benedict XVI. You will travel to Vatican City for his funeral, and in doing so, you will be acknowledging the historical, political, and social power of the Catholic Church. Meanwhile millions of clergy abuse victims around the world will be forced to witness what will likely be a rewriting of history concerning the legacy and actions of a man [...]

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