Declaración Pública sobre Pedro Salinas y Pao Ugaz

DECLARACIÓN PÚBLICA 10 de abril de 2019. La Organización Mundial Ending Clergy Abuse (ECA), instancia que reúne a sobrevivientes de abusos en contexto clerical y a activistas por los derechos humanos, manifiesta su categórico rechazo y preocupación por la reciente sentencia del 1er Juzgado Unipersonal Penal de Piura, Perú, que condena al periodista Sr. Pedro Salinas, por considerar parte de su labor profesional como difamación agravada en contra del arzobispo de Piura y Tumbes, Sr. José Antonio Eguren Anselmi. Rechazamos dicha condena toda vez que atenta contra la develación de crímenes de lesa humanidad ocurridos en el seno de la institución eclesiástica católica. En efecto, para que un abusador pueda cometer ilícitos constantes dentro de una institución requiere de todo un sistema que opere a su favor silenciando a la víctima. Así, abuso y encubrimiento son dos caras de una misma moneda. Sin embargo, trabajos profesionales y heroicos como el [...]

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That tacit agreement between the State and the Church that guarantees the impunity of Catholic priests from prison in Italy

APRIL 9, 2019 STATEMENT BY: Francesco Zanardi President of Rete L'Abuso (the ABUSE Network ) Geneva 7 February 2019: "The Committee is concerned about the numerous cases of children being sexually abused by religious personnel of the Catholic Church in the territory of the Member State and for the low number of criminal investigations and prosecutions by the Italian judiciary". These are not our words but those of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, more precisely those contained in the recommendations of 7 February (point 21 of the report) that the Committee for the Rights of the Child disputes with Italy - in this case - against the Italian Justice, but continuing, in the same document, also against the Italian Government defaulting and conniving, to the detriment of Italian minors "sacrificed to the clergy" for mere diplomatic relationship, with a foreign state, leader in the world for pedophilia: [...]

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Summit survivors want Pope Francis to apologize for inflammatory comments and explain post summit retreat from zero tolerance

APRIL 4, 2019. A group of global survivors of clergy sexual assault who were present in Rome at the February papal summit are calling upon Pope Francis to apologize for statements comparing them to the "devil" and wanting them to see "100 priests hanging in Vatican Square."  The group also wants the Pope to explain several actions taken since the summit that they say "reverses" his commitment to Zero Tolerance. The call comes today in a letter from Ending Clergy Abuse ( to the four members of the Papal Summit Committee who were selected by Francis to plan and implement the summit goals, including “listening to” and establishing communication with survivors. During the summit, global survivors from ECA met with the committee, held press conferences, held a vigil for survivors and a March for Tolerance. The summit committee consists of Cardinals Blase Cupich and Oswald Gracias, Archbishop Charles Scicluna [...]

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Letter to the Papal Summit Committee

  April 5, 2019 Dear members of the Papal Summit Committee -- Archbishop Charles Scicluna, Cardinal Blase Cupich, Cardinal Oswald Gracias and Fr. Hans Zollner. During and after the February Summit on Clergy Sex Abuse in Rome, Pope Francis made several public statements about survivors who were present that were disturbing, demeaning and simply false. He has made yet more remarks about us and that is one of the reasons why we are writing to you. In addition, he has taken several actions since then that has us concerned and perplexed because they appear to seriously contradict his Summit promises. Specifically, we have five areas of concern: First, on February 20, 2019, during the summit, when 12 survivor/activists were meeting with you at the request of Pope Francis, media outlets, including the following from The Guardian, reported:  Pope Francis has said that those who constantly criticize the Catholic church are [...]

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With much touted “new” papal decree today, there is still no actual zero tolerance for child sex crimes by clergy even in Vatican City

STATEMENT BY: Peter Isely, (US Spokesperson/ECA Founding Member) March 29, 2019. Today Pope Francis has put into church law for the small territory of the Vatican State what Vatican officials are touting as the most “advanced international thinking on the matter” of reporting, prosecuting and preventing child sex crimes and penalties for failing to report those crimes.  Even though these changes apply to only several hundred Vatican state citizens and papal diplomats, the changes are being hailed by the Vatican as “the model” for bishops to follow around the world. It’s appalling that the new law for the Vatican state does not even enact true zero tolerance for child sex crimes. Zero tolerance is simple and clear. Any cleric who has been determined to have raped or sexually assaulted a child, no matter when the crime occurred, is immediately removed from ministry and the priesthood. For example, this is the [...]

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ECA’s 21 Points of Action for Pope Francis

  21 Points of Action for Pope Francis Presented by Ending Clergy Abuse (ECA) and February 25, 2019 ACCOUNTABILITY Immediately enact into universal canon law: Any cleric who has been found guilty of even a single act of child sexual abuse, no matter when the act occurred, will immediately be removed from ministry and permanently removed from the priesthood. Immediately enact into universal canon law: Any bishop or religious superior who has covered up or facilitated the sexual abuse of children will immediately be removed from his position of authority and permanently removed from the priesthood. Prohibit the destruction of abuse-related files, and immediately turn these files over to civil authorities. Create a canon law that criminalizes abuse of “vulnerable adults,” including seminarians and nuns who are sexually assaulted by clergy. Rescind Pope Francis’ 2016 motu proprio, Come una madre amorevole, as it would result in ‘soft landings’ for [...]

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