ECA Indigenous Survivor meets with Pope Francis and draws attention to a current clergy abuse case and cover up in the Congo

JULY 29, 2022: Edmonton, Canada. After 50 years of waiting for an apology for the horrific treatment of indigenous children in residential schools in Canada, Evelyn Korkmaz, co-founding member of Ending Clergy Abuse (ECA), and survivor of St. Anne’s Residential School, met with the Pope on Friday, July 29, 2002. Her message was simple, SHOW US THE RECORDS.ECA supports the demand of Evelyn Korkmaz and calls on Pope Francis, before he leaves Canada, to state that all records held by Catholic entities regarding the residential schools will be made available as was the promise on December 17, 2019 when he abolished the pontifical secret in the case of sexual violence and the abuse of minors committed by members of the clergy. The Pope was also given a letter from ECA, SNAP and to draw his attention to the urgency of a current case of clerical sexual abuse and [...]

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Pope apologizes, but he must also SHOW US THE RECORDS

Evelyn Korkmaz, co-founding member of Ending Clergy Abuse (ECA), and survivor of St. Anne’s Residential School, will meet with the Pope on Friday, July 29, 2002. Her message is simple, I've waited 50 years for this apology and he must also- SHOW US THE RECORDS-Shared from Evelyn's Facebook page:Nishnawbe Aski Nation ᐊᓂᔑᓇᐯ ᐊᔅᑭ ᐅᑭᒪᐎᓐ‘This is our country. We welcomed you to our country and we were shown disrespect. Throughout his time here, I am hoping His Holiness extends his apology with a plan on how he will work with us to try to achieve reconciliation. There was no mention of releasing the documents that are filled with our history. These documents hold where the lost souls were buried. These documents hold the identification of these children. It would give their family and loved ones closure. Closure is needed in order for everyone to move on. That is all we asked for. The documents belong here in [...]

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A secret world of power, abuse and cover-ups in New Zealand schools

July 3, 2022. NEW ZEALAND. Dr Murray Heasley ECA Member and spokesperson for the Network for Survivors of Abuse in Faith-based Institutions, says the Network is at the root of  articles exposing Marist abuse in New Zealand. Over the next few weeks they will expose 8 articles highlighting Marist abuse in New Zealand. Their work shows the important link between advocacy and journalism in a deep investigation into systemic abuse. Murray Heasley says,  "Without this link we fail to engage the public and influence the politicians that make policy." The Marist Brothers and Fathers have educated influential individuals at their prestigious Catholic high schools. But their record of sexual abuse is horrific. Worse still was their handling of the abuse when it was exposed. In this series, THE SECRET HISTORY, Steve Kilgallon investigates the power, abuse and cover-ups at the heart of two highly-influential and wealthy religious groups.  MORE HERE.

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Confronting Sexual Violence in Uganda

MAY 2022. UGANDA. Tim Law, Founder and Board Member of ECA traveled to Mpigi Town, Uganda and had the opportunity to spend two days with Janet Aguti and her team called the Totya Platform. The Totya Platform (TP), a non-profit started in 2018, may be unique to Africa in its multi-faceted approach to challenging sexual violence. Totya means ‘don’t be afraid’ in Luganda and was inspired by Janet’s brave journey as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.TP is helping to change a culture where open discussion about sex is still a taboo topic and hasmade speaking out loud about sexual violence their trademark. More Here

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Evelyn Korkmaz APRIL 4, 2022: ALONE WITH MY THOUGHTS: I am going to express my thoughts and feelings about the Papal apology. I totally respect that some survivors needed to hear an apology, and that's fine. I am glad you can now move forward with your life and begin your healing journey. But, I need more. I am sorry and ashamed, doesn't seem to do it for me. So here I go, in my opinion.....I had a few days now, for all this, to sink in and wrap my head around it. I lost too many years, to not take an in-depth look at the Pope's apology to me and my people. I feel Pope Francis did not apologize but blamed the bad behaviours for the role that several Catholics, particularly those with educational responsibilities for wounding us and so on. Right there the Pope did two things. 1) He [...]

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