Joint Letter to Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris

August 1, 2019. SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. PO Box 56539 | Saint Louis MO, 63156. Ending Clergy Abuse Global. 5017 37TH Avenue SW | Seattle, WA 98126. Dear Senator Harris, As leaders of two of the United States’ foremost groups dealing with the issue of clergy sex abuse, we stand together in order to support survivors of clerical abuse and to advocate for change that prevents future cases of abuse from ever occurring in the first place. Together we work with and represent thousands of clerical abuse survivors across the United States and the world. We are writing to you because we want to secure a meeting with you soon to discuss the issue of clergy abuse and what you can do as president to help our cause. As one of the leading candidates for the highest office in our country, you have a unique [...]

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Sweeping up the Church

Saturday June 29. News from Switzerland. Rassemblement à Berne contre les abus sexuels dans l'Eglise Environ 150 personnes ont manifesté samedi à Berne contre les abus sexuels dans l'Eglise catholique-romaine. Pour montrer symboliquement qu'il est temps pour le Vatican de faire le ménage, les participants avaient amené un balai. Le rassemblement a été organisé par une alliance contre les abus dans l'Eglise. Les participants ont notamment demandé que le droit pénal ecclésiastique soit complété: tout abus sexuel devrait être punissable et puni de manière cohérente, et pas seulement ceux envers des enfants. De plus, les victimes devraient pouvoir consulter les dossiers et des centres de conseil indépendants devraient être créés. Première manifestation du genre Ces demandes devraient être remises à la mi-août, avec une pétition, au nonce apostolique à Berne, qui représente le Vatican en Suisse. Selon une porte-parole de l'alliance, ce rassemblement était le premier de ce [...]

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Pope Francis issues new church law on abuse and cover-up with little if no changes in current law.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 9, 2019 Pope Francis issues new church law on abuse and cover-up with little if no changes in current law. Law allows bishops to keep child abusers in ministry with no  consequences for bishops that cover. up sex crimes Statement by Ending Clergy Abuse (ECA) CONTACT Peter Isely, Founding Member, ECA United States +1414.429.7259/ Today Pope Francis issued a new church law which appears to be designed to make no significant or meaningful change in how bishops and the Vatican deal with cases of child sex crimes by priests, will leave potentially thousands of known abusers in ministry, and will have no consequences for bishops who cover up for abusers or do not report sex crimes by clergy to civil authorities. First, there will continue to be no mandatory reporting requirements for sex abuse to civil authorities by priests and bishops and no penalties for [...]

New legislation to modify Papal Concordat to be presented today

New legislation to modify Papal Concordat to be presented today Global groups fighting clergy abuse support Argentine survivors at the Congress   Bill would prevent Argentine bishops and the Vatican from using the Concordat to prevent justice for survivors, withhold documents and evidence in criminal and civil cases brought by victims Where: Chamber of Deputies of the National Congress, Rivadavia 1864, C1033AAV CABA When: 15:30pm on May 8, 2019 Who: Dr. Juan Pablo Gallego, Criminal lawyer and advisor of the Honorable Senate of the Nation Members of two survivor groups in Argentina: Iglesia Sin Abusos and Adultxs por los Derechos de la Infancia Founding Members of ECA (Ending Clergy Abuse) Why:  Two global groups fighting abuse in the church and Argentine survivors of clergy abuse are supporting a new legislative initiative to amend the Papal Concordat between Argentina and the Holy See.  In criminal and civil cases against abuser priests [...]

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