August 11.2020. .ECA GLOBAL NEWS - ECA JULY-AUGUST 2020 UPDATES. Sent Tuesday, August 11, 2020.View as plaintext   ECA GLOBAL NEWS JULY-AUGUST 2020 HAS ANYONE GOT THEIR FILES FROM THE CDF? In December 2019, Pope Francis lifted the "Pontifical Secret" providing an opportunity for survivors of clergy sexual abuse to obtain information on their cases. The Pope instructed Vatican officials to comply with civil laws and assist civil judicial authorities in investigating such cases. So ECA put this to the test. In February this year, ECA Members and Argentine lawyers, Sergio Salinas and Lucas Lecour, and 3 Argentine Provolo survivors attempted to meet with Monsignor John Kennedy of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) in Rome to obtain files of the Argentine Provolo cases. We were met with silence. We tried to enter the CDF and we were turned away by the police. We are working with a journalist who is writing a [...]

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ECA GLOBAL NEWS - ECA JUNE 2020 UPDATES. Sent Monday, June 22, 2020. View as plaintext.   ECA GLOBAL NEWS. JUNE 2020. PASSION AND PROTESTS. “Several months ago, a new plague drove us all indoors and away from each other. And several weeks ago, an old plague drove us all outdoors, into the streets and back towards each other. The old plague of anti-Blackness demands that we socially reengage and spiritually reconnect — right here, right now, with each other." Varun Soni, Dean of religious and spiritual life and vice provost of USC campus wellness and crisis intervention. We have all witnessed and/or participated in the protests around the world where people fed up with police brutality against black and brown people said enough is enough. The blatant police violence against black and brown people in the United States bares an eerie similarity to the systemic injustices in Catholic church communities, where pedophile priests exert power [...]

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ITALIANO INTRODUZIONE Ending Clergy Abuse (ECA) è un'organizzazione internazionale di attivisti dei diritti umani e sopravvissuti vittime degli abusi sessuali da parte del clero al fine di proteggere bambini e promuovere forme di giustizia per le vittime. Il progetto #SURVIVORS ha come obiettivo principale quello di capire quali siano le conseguenze psicologiche, fisiche e relazionali, a breve e lungo termine, nelle vittime di abusi da parte del clero. Inoltre, si vogliono rendere più consapevoli le comunità di cosa ambia implicato per le vittime essere abusati. Infine, documentare le attività e azioni che ECA sta portando avanti. Da questi presupposti nasce la volontà di sviluppare questo progetto mondiale di ricerca fotografica e reportage che coinvolgerà vittime e attivisti, creando un quadro visivo di quale sia la situazione attuale. #SURVIVORS è un progetto che intende restituire una visione e una ricerca a 360 gradi del fenomeno degli abusi sessuali “coperti” da parte [...]

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REPORT OF EVELYN KORKMAZ ST. ANNE’S RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL SURVIVOR MEMBER OF FORT ALBANY FIRST NATION MEMBER OF CREE NATION CANADA DATED APRIL 2, 2020 Advocating for the Indigenous Residential School Survivors of Canada at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland and Rome, Italy, February, 2020 A) MEETING WITH UNITED NATIONS OFFICIALS On February 18, 2020, I was part of a group of individuals representing the organizations of Ending Clergy Abuse (ECA), Advocates for Clergy Trauma Survivors of Canada, St. Anne’s Residential School Survivors Association, and the Argentinian Deaf Survivors of Provolone when we attended at the United Nations (UN) in Geneva Switzerland. I am a founding member of ECA, which is an international group from over 21 countries and 5 continents. I represented the Indigenous survivors of residential schools in Canada. We met with: • Azin Tadjdini, Associate UN Human Rights Officer, Special Procedures Branch • Brenda Vukovic, UN Human [...]

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MAY 4, 2020. PICTURE BY SIMONE PADOVANI - Saturday, February 22, 2020. Global Twilight Vigil for Zero Tolerance. Giardini di Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome.   ECA GLOBAL NEWS MAY 2020 SURVIVOR AND ADVOCACY NETWORKS OFFER HOPE TO SURVIVORS This is a unique moment in the history of humanity as each of us in the world faces unprecedented challenges. Let us be comforted in the knowing that we are all powerful individuals who chose to create and be a part of the global network of ECA in order to make a difference on the planet. We are always connected and constantly seeking ways to make this world a safer place for children and vulnerable adults. As we take the time to remain safer at home in order that our global community may heal from this Covid-19 virus, situations like this may create more stress in survivors who feel alone. We think [...]

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