Facts Tell Another Story in Orthodox Churches of Russia, Greece and Serbia

Despite the repeated denial of the Orthodox Churches of Russia, Greece and Serbia of the existence of organized pedophilia, the facts tell another story. The Serbian Orthodox Church is a tightly controlled, closed organization with strong ties to Serbian political leadership. It’s privileged and unaccountable position led directly to decades of abuse to go unsanctioned and hundreds of pedophiles and other sexual predators to remain free from any charges. These stories and their perpetrators remain outside the reach of the [...]

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 08-17-2022. Ending Clergy Abuse Calls for India’s Cardinal Oswald Gracias and Bishop Kannikadass William Antony to be removed from office. Ending Clergy Abuse, an international association of survivor/advocates, , along with Joseph Kennedy, an ECA representative from India, calls upon Pope Francis to immediately remove Oswald Gracias and Kannikadass William Antony from the offices of Cardinal and bishop. In an audio conversation recently made public by Church Militant, India’s Cardinal Gracias can be heard speaking to [...]

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ECA Indigenous Survivor meets with Pope Francis and draws attention to a current clergy abuse case and cover up in the Congo

JULY 29, 2022: Edmonton, Canada. After 50 years of waiting for an apology for the horrific treatment of indigenous children in residential schools in Canada, Evelyn Korkmaz, co-founding member of Ending Clergy Abuse (ECA), and survivor of St. Anne’s Residential School, met with the Pope on Friday, July 29, 2002. Her message was simple, SHOW US THE RECORDS.ECA supports the demand of Evelyn Korkmaz and calls on Pope Francis, before he leaves Canada, to state that all records held by [...]

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Pope apologizes, but he must also SHOW US THE RECORDS

Evelyn Korkmaz, co-founding member of Ending Clergy Abuse (ECA), and survivor of St. Anne’s Residential School, will meet with the Pope on Friday, July 29, 2002. Her message is simple, I've waited 50 years for this apology and he must also- SHOW US THE RECORDS-Shared from Evelyn's Facebook page:Nishnawbe Aski Nation ‘This is our country. We welcomed you to our country and we were shown disrespect. Throughout his time here, I am hoping His Holiness extends his apology with a plan on [...]

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A secret world of power, abuse and cover-ups in New Zealand schools

July 3, 2022. NEW ZEALAND. Dr Murray Heasley ECA Member and spokesperson for the Network for Survivors of Abuse in Faith-based Institutions, says the Network is at the root of  articles exposing Marist abuse in New Zealand. Over the next few weeks they will expose 8 articles highlighting Marist abuse in New Zealand. Their work shows the important link between advocacy and journalism in a deep investigation into systemic abuse. Murray Heasley says,  "Without this link we fail to engage the [...]

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