Global survivors of abuse looking to McCarrick report to provide dramatic proof of Pope Francis’ new promise to abolish papal secrecy 

What survivors and activists say to look for in the report.

Report will span three decades and three Popes linked to cover up .

The key question the report must answer:  When did John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis know about the abuse and what did they do about it?


DECEMBER 22, 2019.

In a recent meeting with Pope Francis several leaders of the US hierarchy indicated that the long delayed and potentially explosive results of a 13 month long Vatican investigation into three decades of cover up of the criminal conduct of  former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington DC is soon to be released, perhaps before Christmas or early January. 


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Survivor Groups demand the Holy See submit their UN Report on the Rights of the Child


DECEMBER 19, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam,
This year 2019 is ending without the Holy See depositing for the third time, at the request of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, the periodic report that gives an account of the fulfillment of the obligations contracted by subscribing to and being part of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Given that the Holy See has announced the end of the papal secret, there is nothing stopping them from fulfilling on their previous obligations for the report.
As a global network of clergy abuse survivors and human rights advocates, we urge you to petition the Holy See to present its third periodic report to the Commission on the Rights of the Child.
Our formal request […]

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They have no intention of compensating

7 November 2019. SAVONA: They have no intention of compensating, no agreement between the diocese and the five victims of Don Giraudo by Francesco Zanardi
(Link to the Italian version)

Even a stopped clock marks the exact time twice a day, unless it is that of the cathedral of Savona which, despite the proclamations of Pope Francis, seems incapable of restoring dignity to this diocese and to the victims of its pedophile priests and the bishops who favored them.

Last June, after an attempt at conciliation made by five victims of paedophilia and concluded with an indecent proposal of the Bishop of Savona, Caloggero Marino, he wanted to compensate them, for the violence they had suffered, with the establishment of a toll-free number run by […]

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Sweeping up the Church

Saturday June 29. News from Switzerland.

Rassemblement à Berne contre les abus sexuels dans l’Eglise

Environ 150 personnes ont manifesté samedi à Berne contre les abus sexuels dans l’Eglise catholique-romaine. Pour montrer symboliquement qu’il est temps pour le Vatican de faire le ménage, les participants avaient amené un balai.
Le rassemblement a été organisé par une alliance contre les abus dans l’Eglise. Les participants ont notamment demandé que le droit pénal ecclésiastique soit complété: tout abus sexuel devrait être punissable et puni de manière cohérente, et pas seulement ceux envers des enfants.
De plus, les victimes devraient pouvoir consulter les dossiers et des centres de conseil indépendants devraient être créés.
Première manifestation du genre
Ces demandes devraient être remises à la mi-août, avec une pétition, au nonce apostolique à Berne, qui représente le Vatican en […]

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Pope Francis issues new church law on abuse and cover-up with little if no changes in current law.


Pope Francis issues new church law on abuse and cover-up with little if no changes in current law.

Law allows bishops to keep child abusers in ministry with no  consequences for bishops that cover. up sex crimes

Statement by Ending Clergy Abuse (ECA)


Peter Isely, Founding Member, ECA United States +1414.429.7259/

Today Pope Francis issued a new church law which appears to be designed to make no significant or meaningful change in how bishops and the Vatican deal with cases of child sex crimes by priests, will leave potentially thousands of known abusers in ministry, and will have no consequences for bishops who cover up for abusers or do not report […]

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Survivors of clergy abuse to meet Monday in Rome with Argentine Ambassador to the Holy See.

Crédito: L”Osservatore Romano.

Meeting in advance of actions and protests this week in Buenos Aires and Mendoza.

Groups want Pope Francis to visit his home country and resolve growing clergy abuse crisis there, enact “true” zero tolerance.

Papal Concordat with Argentina must be amended in cases of child sex crimes, groups say.

Link to full text of ECA’s letter to Ambassador Pfirter.

Link to schedule of media events and protests in Argentina, May 2-6. 

APRIL 29, ROME, ITALY — Representatives of Ending Clergy Abuse (ECA), a global network of prominent clergy abuse survivors, activists, and organizations, are meeting on Monday morning with the Argentine ambassador to the Holy See, Rogelio Francisco Emilio Pfirter.  The meeting takes place in Rome. It […]

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Letter to Argentina’s Ambassador to the Holy See.

April 29, 2019.

The Honorable Rogelio Francisco Emilio Pfirter,
Embassy of Argentina in Rome, Italy,
Piazza dell’Esquilino 2,
00185 Roma,

Dear Ambassador,

We are writing to you as a global network of survivors of clergy abuse, activists, and organizations on behalf of and in solidarity with the survivors of Argentina.

As you know, the bishops of Argentina are in Rome for the next three weeks for their ad limina meetings with Pope Francis. They will discuss the church in Argentina and the challenges they face in their respective dioceses. The bishops have stated publicly that they will ask their former colleague to return to his home country — something he has not done in his six years as pope.

As survivors, we join the bishops in that request. We ask […]

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That tacit agreement between the State and the Church that guarantees the impunity of Catholic priests from prison in Italy

APRIL 9, 2019 STATEMENT BY: Francesco Zanardi
President of Rete L’Abuso (the ABUSE Network )

Geneva 7 February 2019: “The Committee is concerned about the numerous cases of children being sexually abused by religious personnel of the Catholic Church in the territory of the Member State and for the low number of criminal investigations and prosecutions by the Italian judiciary”.

These are not our words but those of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, more precisely those contained in the recommendations of 7 February (point 21 of the report) that the Committee for the Rights of the Child disputes with Italy – in this case – against the Italian Justice, but continuing, in the same document, also against […]

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