Global clergy abuse survivors to state delegations: reconsider attending Pope Benedict XVI’s funeral, join victims in demanding zero tolerance instead

State delegations’ silence on Pope Benedict XVI’s clergy abuse cover-up record devastating to victims and families around the world

The following is a letter from the Ending Clergy Abuse (ECA) Board Members to their respective state delegations regarding their potential attendance of Pope Benedict XVI’s funeral and their public […]

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Facts Tell Another Story in Orthodox Churches of Russia, Greece and Serbia

Despite the repeated denial of the Orthodox Churches of Russia, Greece and Serbia of the existence of organized pedophilia, the facts tell another story.

The Serbian Orthodox Church is a tightly controlled, closed organization with strong ties to Serbian political leadership. It’s privileged and unaccountable position led directly to decades of abuse to go unsanctioned and hundreds of pedophiles and other sexual […]

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Global survivors of abuse looking to McCarrick report to provide dramatic proof of Pope Francis’ new promise to abolish papal secrecy 

What survivors and activists say to look for in the report.

Report will span three decades and three Popes linked to cover up .

The key question the report must answer:  When did John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis know about the abuse and what did they do about it?



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Sweeping up the Church

Saturday June 29. News from Switzerland.

Rassemblement à Berne contre les abus sexuels dans l’Eglise

Environ 150 personnes ont manifesté samedi à Berne contre les abus sexuels dans l’Eglise catholique-romaine. Pour montrer symboliquement qu’il est temps pour le Vatican de faire le ménage, les participants avaient amené un balai.
Le rassemblement a été organisé par une alliance contre les abus dans l’Eglise. Les […]

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