State delegations’ silence on Pope Benedict XVI’s clergy abuse cover-up record devastating to victims and families around the world

The following is a letter from the Ending Clergy Abuse (ECA) Board Members to their respective state delegations regarding their potential attendance of Pope Benedict XVI’s funeral and their public statements praising his life and legacy.

To our respective state delegations:

This week, the Vatican will lead a global memorial and celebration, honoring the life and legacy of Pope Benedict XVI. You will travel to Vatican City for his funeral, and in doing so, you will be acknowledging the historical, political, and social power of the Catholic Church. Meanwhile millions of clergy abuse victims around the world will be forced to witness what will likely be a rewriting of history concerning the legacy and actions of a man who is directly and partly responsible for decades of widespread and systematic rape and sexual abuse of children in the church.

Throughout most of his professional life, Pope Benedict XVI was one the chief architects of the cover-up of abuse in the Catholic Church. As Archbishop of Munich, he concealed and transferred known abusive clergy and until his death misled investigators and the public about his direct responsibility for it. As head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith (CDF) under John Paul II, he acted as the Pope’s chief global fixer for 23 years, shielding bishops from criminal, civil, and moral accountability for conducting themselves the way he did when Archbishop of Munich. After a short time as Pope, history finally caught up with him, and he resigned before the full extent of his role in these crimes had emerged. After his resignation, Pope Benedict XVI had almost ten years to make amends for his actions. He failed to do so.

In many of your countries, the Vatican is currently obstructing governmental investigations into clergy sexual abuse by refusing to share documents and evidence related to abuse and institutional concealment with state officials. A great deal of this evidence pertains to child sexual abuse and cover-up that occurred under the leadership of Pope Benedict XVI, while he was head of the CDF and then Pope. The Vatican continues to ignore the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child’s mandate that would bring the Holy See into compliance with international human rights law.

Your planned attendance of Pope Benedict XVI’s funeral and the official praise you have bestowed upon him with no acknowledgement of his central role in the global clergy abuse crisis is deeply harmful to survivors and an affront to memory and justice.

We are asking you to take the side of victims against their abusers and those who would deny our suffering and instead to do the following:

1. Use your state power and diplomatic influence to demand that Pope Francis make zero tolerance for clergy sexual abuse a universal church law. Thus far, like his predecessor, he has refused to do so.

2. Make an official request of the Vatican to share all documents and evidence related to clergy sexual abuse and cover-up with justice officials in your respective states. This would include direct evidence of thousands of cases of abuse that may have been mishandled by Pope Benedict that remain in the Vatican’s secret archive.

3. Demand Pope Francis order his bishops to cooperate fully with all governmental investigations into clergy sexual abuse, including that of the United Nations, which so far, he has not done.

By attending this event and remaining silent regarding Pope Benedict XVI’s failure to protect your nation’s children, wittingly or not, you are participating in the cover-up of clergy sexual abuse. This is why we are respectfully asking that you reconsider your presence at the funeral. Instead, we call on you to join survivors around the world, including those in your own nation, in bringing about a

post-abuse church, which will never happen without truth-telling, transparency, and accountability.


Ending Clergy Abuse Board Members

Timothy Law, USA; Sara Oviedo, Ecuador; Denise Buchanan, Jamaica; Simone Padovoni, Italy; Adalberto Mendez, Mexico

Ending Clergy Abuse (ECA) is a worldwide organization of human rights’ activists and survivors from over 21 countries and 5 continents who focus on children’s and victims’ rights to compel the Church to end clerical abuse, especially child sexual abuse, in order to protect children and to seek effective justice for victims. ECA demands the end of the Church’s structural mechanism that allows abuse.

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Peter Isely
ECA Founding Member, Spokesperson

Tim Law
ECA Co-founder/Board Member