Despite the repeated denial of the Orthodox Churches of Russia, Greece and Serbia of the existence of organized pedophilia, the facts tell another story.

The Serbian Orthodox Church is a tightly controlled, closed organization with strong ties to Serbian political leadership. It’s privileged and unaccountable position led directly to decades of abuse to go unsanctioned and hundreds of pedophiles and other sexual predators to remain free from any charges. These stories and their perpetrators remain outside the reach of the law.

The true number of victims will never be determined for several reasons:

  • Destruction of documentation
  • Destruction of victims
  • Pressures
  • Corruption

I have documents about everything.

The existence of organized pedophilia is also witnessed by priest Fr. In a statement dated May 6, 2014, Nikola says:

This is a part of the document that confirms the decades-long and systematic cheating of children. It will probably never be known how many theologians or young people ended up in the beds of paedophiles and sexual predators.

The complete document is known to the author and is always available to all investigative, police, and prosecutor’s offices.

Part of the testimony of the victims can be seen in the show Kodex recorded by Aljazere Balkans.

The trials against the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC) that have been conducted so far, have been to the detriment of the victims by taking cases into statute of limitations or predatory priests passed with symbolic punishments.

The reason for this is various political games. In the last year, however, there have been changes. Representatives of the Republic of Croatia in the EU Parliament helped to criminal activities of the Serbian Orthodox Church are heard in Brussels.

Also, the issue of the SOC is increasingly a topic in the Croatian parliament in Croatia, where the SOC is everything it acts more often as an extended political arm of the Serbian government and less and less as a religious organization.

There is also a group of clerics involved in organized pedophilia and its concealment operating in Croatia.

In Serbia, the fight against criminal activities of the SOC, which is under the protection of the Serbian state, is led by the lawyer and Member of the Serbian Parliament Aleksandar Olenik.

The biggest step forward was made by the state of Montenegro. The competent state prosecutor’s office initiated a process against Metropolitan Joanikije for several criminal offenses related to pedophilia and its concealment, also for providing shelter to the priest who was one of the main chield pimps, arrested for trying to sell of pornographic film material where a high-ranking SOC priest commits lewd acts on an underage child. The accusation also includes the concealment of the murder of a child in the SOC monastery, which was previously sexual abused by priests.

The aforementioned metropolitan is a supporter of the Russian Orthodox Church, and that church supports and blesses killers in Ukraine..The Russian Orthodox Church also has big problems with cases of pedophilia in their religious schools as well as with cases of child pimping in Moscow. We expect strong political pressure on judicial institutions in Montenegro from the pro-Serbian side political institutions that are favorable to the SOC, and the goal is to prevent the court process from being initiated.

But we also hope that under the pressure of public opinion and the appeal of the NGO in the region and other countries, the truth will win. Encouraging news comes from the EU Parliament in Brussels as well as others an EU institution.



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