Pope Francis must choose sides: victims or bishops who cover-up?


August 19, 2018

Pope to survivors: “I’m on your side”.

Pope is still silent about Cardinal Wuerl and bishops that covered up child sex crimes.

Survivors to Pope: “You can’t be both on the side of victims and on the side of bishops that cover-up child sex crimes”.

Peter Isely
ECA Founding Member and Spokesperson, United States survivor

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Update Uganda


The Voices of Children and Adults in Uganda

This work composed by Raising Voices in collaboration with Save The Children in Uganda is “dedicated to the children of Uganda whose experience of childhood depends on what you and I do today, tomorrow and the day after. They are waiting to hold our […]

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Update Africa


In 2009 several people accused an Italian priest, Fr. Sesana, working in the country of sexual molestation. The Church assured them it was investigating the case, but that did not appear to happen. Kenyan police said they found no evidence and believed Sesana is innocent.

In 2010 a young woman alleged that a Catholic priest had raped her but the police […]

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