Timothy Law is the co-founder of Ending Clergy Abuse and an attorney in Seattle, Washington, USA. He is a Catholic, and in 2014, he became active at the local level to confront his archdiocese on the issue of clergy abuse. In 2015, he met Barbara Blaine, founder of SNAP, and was introduced to the national and international dimensions of clergy abuse in the Catholic Church. In 2017, Barbara Blaine, Tim and others conceived what became ECA in Geneva, Switzerland in 2018. ECA is an international association of survivors and advocates from 20+ countries and 6 continents whose mission is to compel the Vatican/Roman Catholic Church to protect children from clergy abuse and to promote justice for survivors. ECA played an important role in Rome at the 2019 Pope’s Summit on Clergy Abuse coordinating the voices of the international survivor/activists before the bishops and the world press promoting Zero Tolerance as an universal law of the Church.



Fundador, ex vicepresidente de Xumek por 8 años (asociacion para la promoción y protección de derechos humanos en Argentina).
Representante legal en casos de grandes violaciones a los derechos humanos: violencia institucional, lesa humanidad, abusos sexuales, entre otros, siendo representativo el conocido caso Provolo de víctimas sordas.

Lawyer. Faculty of Law, National University of Cuyo (2005). Master in Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences from Pompeu Fabra University and University of Barcelona, Spain (2006). DEA (Advanced Studies Diploma – Master) in Criminal Law from Pompeu Fabra University, Spain (2008). PhD candidate in Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences at Pompeu Fabra University, Spain. Diploma in Human Rights and Epistemology at the National University of Cuyo (2004). Member of IUSCRIM (2015) Member of XUMEK, Association for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights (2006) Head Professor of Practical Works of the Chair of Introduction to Criminal Law. Faculty of Law, University of Congress (2015) Assistant Professor of Criminal Law (General Part). Faculty of Law, University of Congress (2017). Adjunct Professor of Habilitation II (Criminal Professional Practice). Faculty of Law, University of Congress (2016). Associate Professor of Criminal Law, Special Part. Faculty of Law, University of Congress (2020). Adjunct Professor of Human Rights and Guarantees. Faculty of Law, University of Congress (2019). Former Academic Secretary of the Master’s Degree in Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences. Faculty of Law, National University of Cuyo (2011). Lecturer and thesis jury in different postgraduate courses of academic units: Universidad de Mendoza, Universidad Nacional de San Juan, Universidad del Aconcagua. Part-time Senior Researcher in the Research Project “Institutional Violence: towards the implementation of prevention policies in Argentina”, (2015- 2019). Researcher at the Faculty of Law, University of Congreso (2019).


Estudio Jurídico Mendoza




Janet Aguti is a Ugandan social worker and Life Coach. As one of the first employees of Uganda’s first online emergency sex education platform and through managing a project for increased access to Sexual and Reproductive Health in Ugandan refugee camps, Janet has extensive experience in supporting youth to overcome personal challenges and traumatic experiences.As a survivor of sexual abuse herself, she transformed her own difficult experiences into founding a social enterprise called ‘Totya Platform’, specializing in helping victims of sexual violence to speak about their experiences while receiving emotional care and self-help tools. A mobile platform offers anonymous support via a hotline, while local self-help groups enable users to share experiences and support each other.


Simone Padovani is an international photo reporter, a researcher in Community Psychology at the University of Padua, and an activist in social issues for the last 20 years. He works with the University of Padua where he teaches the Photovoice technique. He is a social photo reporter working with major international magazines and agencies, such as Getty Images, The Guardian, New York Times, El Pais, and many others.
For the past 20 years, Simone has been involved in social advocacy and social justice projects, from climate change to migrant integration in Italy, 8 years ago he started to go deeply into the sexual abuse by clergy issue in Italy, and from there he starts to also have a global perspective. He is a founding member of ECA, and a member of the Italian association Rete L’Abuso.

He works with the European Community for Climate Change, as he is an Ambassador for the EU Climate Pact, he is also carrying on a European project named “Shame – European Stories”, under the patronage of the Council of Europe.



Adalberto has a Bachelor Degree in Law from the Universidad La Salle, in Mexico City, and a Pre-Master Degree at the Istanbul Bilgi Universitesi, in Istanbul, Turkey. He has a specialization certificate on International Human Rights Law and he is a Legum Magister in International Legal Studies by the American University Washington College of Law, in Washington, D.C.

He is a Business and Human Rights Attorney, and he currently serves as Business & Human Rights Counsel at the global law firm ECIJA, in Mexico. He has provided advisory counsel in and around 17 countries, for international organizations and public offices like the UN Development Program, the Inter American Institute of Human Rights, Chemonics International, USAID and the UK’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

Adalberto has ten years of experience on domestic and international strategic litigation on human rights, before the Universal, Inter American and African Human Rights protection systems.



Dr. Murray Heasley is a New Zealander of Maori-Irish- Scottish heritage and spokesperson for The Network of Survivors of Abuse in Faith-Based Institutions and Their Supporters. This Network has been in existence since 2017 and has many survivors and advocates of multiple ethnicities.and with critical overseas allies and supporters including ECA and men like Tom Doyle and the legendary, much missed Richard Sipe who were his mentors and teachers.

The Network has acted as source of information for the current New Zealand Royal Commission into Abuse in care (2018 to present} and has appeared at numerous hearings and witness testimonies.encouraging the Royal Commission to invite Tom Doyle to the Royal Commission where he presented the latest overview of the Catholic Church, a required primer for all survivors and advocates to understand this institution.
Murray is a professional historian with a doctorate from Otago University, Dunedin, New Zealand. As a 19 year old, in 1970, he was selected to do volunteer work in Fiji (Volunteer service Abroad) were he developed his love of Pasifika cultures and languages.
He has two children from his first marriage (Tongan) and is currently married to a Filipina,,Analyn, who is also an ECA Assembly person, from Silucap, Liloy, Mindanao,
He has taught at Adelaide University, Australia in post graduate anthropology and history with then Emeritus Professor, Marshall Sahlins of Chicago University and at The University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, Manila, Philippines as an English Professor specializing in literature and Shakespearean studies.
He was an advisor to Petro Georgio, the former federal parliamentarian in the seat of Kooyong, Melbourne, Australia and wrote speeches delivered in parliament and now part of the Hansard record of proceedings,
He was an advisor to the former Vice President of the Philippines, Teofisto Guingona Jnr and wrote an anti-corruption paper for the Vice President to present at the European Union and papers suggesting a restorative and public health approach to methamphetamine abuse and incarceration
He is a published children’s author (Shuz), a trained gemologist and an advocate for Maori /Pasifika health being the recipient of a liver transplant in 2020.
He has appeared as a spokesperson on multiple media platforms here in New Zealand with two deep dives into the Christian Brothers and FMS Marist Brothers and priests in a series of damning articles exposing the depth of the abuse and protection of abusers.
He appears and helps host a podcast, The Reckoning, where survivors and advocates are interviewed.
He is privileged to be part of the ECA Board and to bringing a fresh perspective from an Asian-Oceanic point of view



Gemma Hickey is a Canadian LGBTQ rights activist and author. They became one of the first Canadians to receive a gender-neutral birth certificate and passport. Hickey founded The Pathways Foundation, an organization that offers support to survivors of religious institutional abuse and their families. Since 2010, Hickey has worked as Executive Director of Artforce, formerly known as For the Love of Learning, a non-profit that works to forge new paths for at-risk youth by advancing their literacy and creative skills.