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Timothy Law is the President of ECA USA and works to strengthen ECA Internationally. Tim is an Attorney working for over 40 years in Seattle, Washington, USA. He is Catholic, a father to 3 children and grandfather to 9. In 2014, he heard the testimonies of David Clohessy and Mary Dispenza of SNAP, who were both survivors of clergy abuse and he became active at the local level to confront his bishop on the issue of clergy abuse. In 2015, he met Peter Saunders of the UK and Barbara Blaine, founder of SNAP and was introduced to the national and international dimensions of clergy abuse in the Catholic Church.


Sara Oviedo has been defending human rights for the past 50 years in Ecuador, Latin America, where her work started under the guidance of Monseñor Leónidas Proaño, who was the Bishop of the liberation of the Indians. Sara is the Executive Director of the QuituRaymi Foundation and a global ambassador of the new SOKHRATES Social. Sara is also the Coordinator of the Academic Committee of the Hemispheric Network of Parliamentarians and Ex-Parlamentaries for Early Childhood. Sara served as the Vice Chair of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child for four years and before that, for 20 years, she was a coordinator of child development programs at the INNFA and the


Denise Buchanan is a Psychoneurologist, University Professor, Child Protection Advocate, Sacred Garden Designer, International Speaker and Author. Her book entitled “Sins of the Fathers: A True Story of Rape and Deception in the Catholic Church and Spiritual Renewal,” gained global attention when she was the first to reveal her experience of being sexually molested and impregnated by a priest at age 17 in Jamaica. She recalls her experience and how she survived the childhood trauma as a testimony to help others heal. Denise has presented her case before the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child and the UN Committee Against Torture and was one of a few individuals who met with the Pope’s top Cardinals on the Clergy Sexual Abuse Issue. Denise is a Certified Domestic Abuse Counselor and completed a dual PhD in Psychoneurology & Spiritual Consciousness and Integrative Holistic Health and Thriving. She is also the co-founder of the Get Business Smart Foundation in Jamaica which was created to train young people to develop a wholistic approach to life through integrating mind-body-spirit healing modalities and practical skills training.


Simone Padovani is an international photo reporter, a researcher in Community Psychology at the University of Padua and an activist in social issues for the last 15 years. He works with the University of Padua where he teaches the Photovoice technique. He is a social photoreporter working with major international magazines and agencies, such as Getty Images, The Guardian, New York Times, El Pais and many others.
For the past 15 years, Simone has been involved in social advocacy and social justice projects, from climate change, to migrants integration in Italy, and 4 years ago he started to go deeply into the sexual abuse by clergy issue in Italy, and from there he starts to also have a global perspective. He is a founding member of ECA, and a member of the Italian association Rete L’Abuso.



Adalberto has a Bachelor Degree in Law from the Universidad La Salle, in Mexico City, and a Pre-Master Degree at the Istanbul Bilgi Universitesi, in Istanbul, Turkey. He has a specialization certificate on International Human Rights Law and he is a Legum Magister in International Legal Studies by the American University Washington College of Law, in Washington, D.C.

He is a Business and Human Rights Attorney, and he currently serves as Business & Human Rights Counsel at the global law firm ECIJA, in Mexico. He has provided advisory counsel in and around 17 countries, for international organizations and public offices like the UN Development Program, the Inter American Institute of Human Rights, Chemonics International, USAID and the UK’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

Adalberto has ten years of experience on domestic and international strategic litigation on human rights, before the Universal, Inter American and African Human Rights protection systems.


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