Survivors of Clergy Sexual Abuse Welcome New York AG Investigation Into Abuse and Cover-Up

Survivors of Clergy Sexual Abuse Welcome New York AG Investigation Into Abuse and Cover-Up.

Urge Victims, Witnesses, and Whistleblowers to Contact Confidential Hotline

Investigation into How Bishops Have Funded Decades-Long Cover-Up Long Overdue.

New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood is seen in Albany on May 15. Photo Credit: AP/Hans Pennink.


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Global groups call on Pope to release church files

Global groups call on Pope to release church files on former cardinal McCarrick and others.

Groups condemn false conflation of sexual orientation and sexual violence in former Vatican ambassador’s letter as “wrong and dangerous”.

Washington D.C. — AUG. 30. 2018. Clergy sex abuse survivors and human rights attorneys today are calling upon Pope Francis to order the release of all church files related to all allegations of sexual violence, including by former cardinal Theodore McCarrick. They are also demanding the Vatican condemn any suggestion by any church official that links the sexual abuse of children and vulnerable adults with the sexual orientation of either the victim or the offender.  

“There is absolutely no link between sexual violence against children, minors […]

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Three Actions to #EnditNow

According to Ending Clergy Abuse (ECA), any plan by the Pope must include these 3 actions:

1. Enact global zero tolerance for any abusive cleric and superior’s complicity. Even one substantiated act of child sexual abuse or cover-up, no matter when it occurred, will result in their permanent removal from ministry or office.

2. Create a global public registry of all clergy with substantiated allegations of sexual abuse. This would begin with the immediate publication of the 3,400 clergy found guilty by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF). This will protect our children and communities.

3. Declare the obligation to report child sexual abuse allegations current and past to civil authorities. Not reporting it should mean immediate excommunication.

These three measures are crucial if the Pope is going to “spare […]

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Ex Papal Nuncio accuses Pope of covering up for former Cardinal:  ECA responds

Ex Papal Nuncio accuses Pope of covering up for former Cardinal:  ECA responds.

Statement by Peter Isely, Ending Clergy Abuse (ECA) Founding Member and Spokesperson.,
+14144297259 (available GMT).

In a memo made public this morning by conservative US Catholic news outlets, former Papal Nuncio to the U.S. Carlo Maria Viganò accuses Pope Francis of knowing since at least June 2013 of the allegations against former cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Viganò also claims that the Pope made McCarrick his “trusted counselor” and knowingly permitted him to ignore sanctions that had been placed on him by Pope Benedict.

The truth of this shocking claim has not been established or verified.

If true, it directly implicates Pope Francis in covering up sex crimes by a powerful cardinal.  This would fundamentally undermine the moral credibility of his papacy.

If not […]

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ECA is in the New York Times

The ECA in Ireland Team was mentioned in the New York Times.

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Ending Clerical Abuse, which has identified victims from over 172 countries worldwide, also called on the church to publicly identify abusive clerics, and to prosecute complicit bishops in church tribunals.

“We need to know who these sex offenders are, just like we need to know who these bishops are, because you know who they are, and you know what they’ve done,” Peter Isely, a survivor from Milwaukee and a founding member of the group, said at a news conference.

The demands followed reports that Cardinal Sean O’Malley, whom Francis had appointed to head […]

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Again, Pope Francis does not tell us how he is going to end the sexual abuse crisis

Again, Pope Francis does not tell us how he is going to end the sexual abuse crisis.

 Why is Cardinal Wuerl still a Cardinal?

 Statement by Peter Isely, ECA Founding Member and Spokesperson.

Today as he arrived in Ireland Pope Francis has once again missed another opportunity to seriously and concretely tell the world what he is going to do about the child sexual abuse and cover up crisis.  This crisis is a global crisis.  It not only effects Ireland, where there has been so much suffering, but in every corner of the globe where the Catholic Church is present.

What is most important about the Pope’s speech is what he did not say. He did not say that he will change church law so that any priest who has sexually abused a child […]

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Global survivors to Pope Francis: 3 things you must do now to end clergy abuse

Global survivors to Pope Francis: 3 things you must do now to end clergy abuse

The words require planning and action. These 3 actions, group says, will turn the corner on clergy sex abuse and cover-ups

In yesterday’s letter by the Pope,‘Letter to the People of God’, Francis correctly identifies sexual abuse as a crime, not just a sin. That is why the cover-up of sex crimes by bishops must be dealt with by justice systems around the world. The Pope, for the first time, talks about the importance of eliminating the statutes of limitation of child sexual abuse. “The pain and the truth does not end,” he said. Nevertheless, in his 2,000-word ‘Letter to the People of God’, Pope Francis neither mentions nor commits to a single concrete step to solve […]

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Global survivors and activists respond to Pope Francis statement


August 20, 2018.

Global survivors and activists respond to Pope Francis statement.

The culture of abuse is a “mechanism” that lives in the structures and laws of the Church, global group says.

Church laws and structures must change then the culture of abuse will end.

Pope Francis in a statement today, is acknowledging that there are “a significant number of clerics and consecrated persons” who have been involved in criminal activities against children. This should put to an end anyone who continues to believe that it is just a small number of clerics who are involved in these crimes.

The Pope said that in “looking back to the past, no effort to beg […]

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Pope Francis must choose sides: victims or bishops who cover-up?


August 19, 2018

Pope to survivors: “I’m on your side”.

Pope is still silent about Cardinal Wuerl and bishops that covered up child sex crimes.

Survivors to Pope: “You can’t be both on the side of victims and on the side of bishops that cover-up child sex crimes”.

Peter Isely
ECA Founding Member and Spokesperson, United States survivor,
+14144297259 (available GMT)

(CNS photo/L’Osservatore Romano).

Statement by Benjamin Kitobo, ECA Founding Member, Survivor from the Republic of the Congo

Yesterday, a spokesperson for the World Meeting of Families (WMOF 2018) announced that Cardinal Wuerl of the United States will no longer be participating at their events during the Papal visit. […]

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