November 24, 2019
MENDOZA, Argentina.   In Pope Francis’s homeland, two priests were found guilty on Monday of sexually abusing deaf children at a Catholic-run school in Argentina and sentenced to more than 40 years in prison.

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They have no intention of compensating

7 November 2019. SAVONA: They have no intention of compensating, no agreement between the diocese and the five victims of Don Giraudo by Francesco Zanardi
(Link to the Italian version)

Even a stopped clock marks the exact time twice a day, unless it is that of the cathedral of Savona which, despite the proclamations of Pope Francis, seems incapable of restoring dignity to this diocese and to the victims of its pedophile priests and the bishops who favored them.

Last June, after an attempt at conciliation made by five victims of paedophilia and concluded with an indecent proposal of the Bishop of Savona, Caloggero Marino, he wanted to compensate them, for the violence they had suffered, with the establishment of a toll-free number run by […]

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All Survivors Day Nov. 3, 2019

November 3, 2019. #AllSurvivorsDay  

SNAP organized a protest on November 3, 2019 to mark international All Survivors’ Day. The day is marked across the world for those who are victims and survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

In one of the protests in Louisiana,  SNAP protesters were asking “Louisiana State Attorney General Jeff Landy to take creative and extraordinary action and measures to assist our surviving victims and survivors, so that they may know justice administered, and appealing to Governor John Bel Edwards to direct the Louisiana State Police to conduct a statewide investigation into the continued coverup of the Catholic Church in the State of Louisiana.” More here…

Also in Connecticut, The Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence and the Survivor Network of those […]

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ECA October Newsletter

OCTOBER 2019. Highlight: Five Catholic Bishops attended a screening of the documentary, PREY, after being invited by groups representing victims of sexual abuse by priests on Thursday September 26, 2019 in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. ‘PREY’ Trailer: “Director Matt Gallagher says it was an ’emotional’ experience taking on this documentary.”

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