First Woman to Denounce the Marist Case

Brother Germán Chávez Brother Germán Chávez, recently denounced in the Maristas case.

Reported in The Clinic 3/20/2018: On Monday, part of the Marist case reporters finally filed a lawsuit against five religious, including Cristián Precht, for the crimes of illicit association, improper rape and favoring the prostitution of minors, among others. The document includes the story of three new victims, among them, that of a woman who would have been abused by a Marist religious.

The woman who, despite not having been a student of a Marist school, did have a close relationship with the Alonso de Ercilla Institute because one of her brothers studied at that institution.

“It was a Sunday in December 1978, I was 15 years old. Together with her older sister, […]

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In the Name of God

Report by Lenka Carvallo, March 22, 2018: A pedophilia network that would involve well-known diocesan, Marist and lay priests. Sexual abuse committed through religious rites. Together with five IAE alumni, we reconstruct a plot that has this influential educational congregation in suspense, the second most important in Chile. A series of complaints will be made public these days. The Marists defend themselves.

Full Report:

Fotos Camilo Melús

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Groundbreaking Meeting in Chile

Child protection activists and concerned individuals over 5 continents met in Chile in January 2018 to brainstorm and create an action plan on how to end clergy sexual abuse. This was one of the pivotal meetings which led to the formation of ECA: Ending Clergy Abuse. ECA set the stage for a truth-telling media campaign first in Chile and then in Peru to let the world know about the global problem of clergy sexual abuse.

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