Baby Sharon’s story (not her real names);

The now 2 year old Sharon is the youngest client that we have, she was defiled by her mother’ boyfriend.

Sharon mother Josephine separated with her husband in July 2020, (father to Sharon) due to both physical and emotional violence, in the effort to escape from all that, she met a new man, who became her boyfriend. He rented for her a house and gave her a small charcoal selling business to make life better for her, she seemed contented but this happiness didn’t last for long.

In the month of October 2020, as Sharon mother had gone to buy some necessities from a nearby shop, the boyfriend took the opportunity of her absence and defiled the 18 months old child, on her arrival, she found the child in endless tears and wondered what could have happened, by then her boyfriend had run away after hearing footsteps on her way home. It’s with the continuous tears that she noticed that there were blood stains on the child that she decided to run to a nearby clinic where she was advised to go to the health centre for better services.
It was at this point that news got to one of the trained para social workers who later informed us and support was rendered to the child, From the results of the medical check-up done, it turned out that there was penetration into Sharon private parts, and with this conclusion, more investigations were made as the case was reported at police. By the support of TOTYA, Sharon got better treatment and has no more health threatening issues.

Much as this case seem conclusive that the child had been defiled, arrest wasn’t done immediately as the accused had disappeared from this village, he of course with constant follow up of many months, has been arrested and convicted with a case of aggregated defilement.

8 year old Anna (not the real name)and 10 years old Betty(not the real name) are sisters who were both defiled by their paternal uncle 38 years old.

When their mother noticed they both had difficulty in walking and they were both presenting with a bad smell, sat them down and asked them what was wrong. They lied but of cause with fear though she decided to take them to the hospital.  yet they normally take a bath. Its after the examination that it was discovered that they were  being sexually abused several times due to the multiple injuries they had.

The suspect had continuously been defiling the girls as they visited him to ask for fruits, he would entice them each other time with more fruits to pick from his house which was not so far away from their own.

Unfortunately for all of us, this incidence was noticed after some time had passed so only medical checkup and treatment could be given to the girls. The girls were tested too for HIV and the blood test came out HIV negative, a more accurate test is expected after 3 months to clearly know their status since the status of the perpetrator is unknown.

We were able to open up a police case, however, the suspect was able to run away when he discovered that the police were after him. With continuous facilitation of the Police, the suspect was finally arrested in Masaka district where he had sort refuge. He is being tried in Mpigi district, and with all the evidence available, the girls will get justice.

Anna and Betty are still being visited weekly by the counselor to offer them counseling and coaching to the parents to foster their coping and rehabilitation into the community and family. Due to the medical support given to the girls there is a lot of improvement as some of their wounds are healing, though for the 8 year old who was badly wounded, there is still need for medical attention, which she is still undergoing.


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