January 21, 2022. PERU. Pedro Salinas: “The message of the Sodalicio is that, if you mess with them, they will screw you all your life”.  In an interview with Infobae, the investigative journalist, who uncovered the Sodalicio case, talked about the raid on his home and the religious group, involved in the largest sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. Since 2015, when the book “Half monks, Half soldiers” was disclosed, both Paola Ugaz and Pedro Salinas have been systematically harassed from the front pages of far-right newspapers, telephone threats and emails, in addition to seeking to open legal proceedings. It is very exhausting, says Salinas in this interview with Infobae, but they are going to continue investigating the religious group.  Read more by Juan Mauricio Munoz:  https://www.infobae.com/america/peru/2022/01/21/pedro-salinas-el-mensaje-del-sodalicio-es-que-si-te-metes-con-ellos-te-van-a-fregar-toda-la-vida/