APRIL 4, 2019. A group of global survivors of clergy sexual assault who were present in Rome at the February papal summit are calling upon Pope Francis to apologize for statements comparing them to the “devil” and wanting them to see “100 priests hanging in Vatican Square.”  The group also wants the Pope to explain several actions taken since the summit that they say “reverses” his commitment to Zero Tolerance.

The call comes today in a letter from Ending Clergy Abuse (ECAglobal.org) to the four members of the Papal Summit Committee who were selected by Francis to plan and implement the summit goals, including “listening to” and establishing communication with survivors. During the summit, global survivors from ECA met with the committee, held press conferences, held a vigil for survivors and a March for Tolerance. https://www.ecaglobal.org/letter-to-the-papal-summit-committee/

The summit committee consists of Cardinals Blase Cupich and Oswald Gracias, Archbishop Charles Scicluna  and Jesuit Fr. Hans Zolnar.  ECA has asked fellow survivor Juan Carlos Cruz, who selected the survivors for the summit meeting, to deliver the letter to the four committee members.

The group is asking committee members to address Pope Francis concerning his disturbing pattern to “disparage” survivors who question his handling of the abuse crisis.  They are also concerned about actions he has taken since the summit that reverses his commitment to zero tolerance, including removing abusive priests from ministry, holding bishops accountable for covering up sex crimes, and reforming church procedures in handling abuse cases.  Among their concerns are Pope Francis recent refusals to laicize high profile Cardinals found guilty in national courts of law, refusing to enact full zero tolerance in Vatican City, and continue to allow secret canon law proceedings which violate victims’ rights.

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Ending Clergy Abuse (ECA) is a worldwide leadership organization of survivors of clergy abuse and human rights activists. Its mission is to compel the Roman Catholic Church to end clergy abuse, protect children, and seek justice for victims. ECA assembly members represent over 21 countries from 6 continents. https://www.ecaglobal.org @ENDCLERGYABUSEhttps://www.facebook.com/ENDCLERGYABUSE/   – contactus@ecaglobal.org