August 1, 2019.

SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.

PO Box 56539 | Saint Louis MO, 63156.

Ending Clergy Abuse Global.

5017 37TH Avenue SW | Seattle, WA 98126.

Dear Senator Harris,

As leaders of two of the United States’ foremost groups dealing with the issue of clergy sex abuse, we stand together in order to support survivors of clerical abuse and to advocate for change that prevents future cases of abuse from ever occurring in the first place. Together we work with and represent thousands of clerical abuse survivors across the United States and the world.

We are writing to you because we want to secure a meeting with you soon to discuss the issue of clergy abuse and what you can do as president to help our cause. As one of the leading candidates for the highest office in our country, you have a unique position on the issue of clergy abuse due to your career as a prosecutor and attorney who has long worked on issues affecting children and families. Having a prosecutor in the White House is something that we believe will be beneficial for survivors today and in preventing these kinds of crimes in the future. We are asking for your help in advancing the cause of justice for survivors of clergy abuse and in clarifying your position on the issue of clergy sexual violence.

You have a chance to use your considerable power, eloquence and influence to speak up for survivors of institutional sexual violence and to members of the public who are keenly paying attention to this issue. As cases of clergy sexual abuse are currently subject to much media attention and public interest, we believe now is the time to discuss the issue of institutional sexual violence on a federal level. In our meeting with you, we would be happy to discuss our ideas for solutions as well as how we believe we can help you, just as you can help us.

We would be happy to meet you at your convenience, at any time and in any place that is amenable to you and your team. This letter is private communication, sent in good faith, and has not yet been shared with the media or the public. We look forward to discussing how your campaign can make a difference.

We look forward to your reply,

Zach Hiner
Executive Director, SNAP

Tim Lennon
President, SNAP

Shaun Dougherty
Leader, SNAP SW Pennsylvania

Peter Isely
Founding Member, ECA Global

Tim Law
Founding/Board Member ECA Global

Denise Buchanan
Founding/Board Member, ECA Global