Brother Germán Chávez

Brother Germán Chávez, recently denounced in the Maristas case.

Reported in The Clinic 3/20/2018: On Monday, part of the Marist case reporters finally filed a lawsuit against five religious, including Cristián Precht, for the crimes of illicit association, improper rape and favoring the prostitution of minors, among others. The document includes the story of three new victims, among them, that of a woman who would have been abused by a Marist religious.

The woman who, despite not having been a student of a Marist school, did have a close relationship with the Alonso de Ercilla Institute because one of her brothers studied at that institution.

“It was a Sunday in December 1978, I was 15 years old. Together with her older sister, they attended mass in the chapel of the IAE (…) unfortunately that Sunday had been suspended. José Monasterio received them in the hall of the school (…) he invited them to come to his office. José Monasterio moved his chair closer to hers, placed his hand on his chest (…) he was paralyzed (…) his hand (from Monasterio) began to slide through his breasts (…) took him with the other hand the head and he began to kiss her neck, while his other hand introduced her by the neckline of the dress (…) She managed to get away from him, and came out shouting at her sister to “leave, that’s a disgusting old man”. This man (Monastery) rolled up in front of the sculpture of the priest Marcellin Champagnat and asked for forgiveness, saying that he had sinned, “says the story included in the complaint.

The document also includes the story of two new victims, including a student from the O’Higgins Institute in Rancagua, who denounces Brother Luis Castillo (who died in 2007), who had not been mentioned until today.

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