Ex Papal Nuncio accuses Pope of covering up for former Cardinal:  ECA responds.

Statement by Peter Isely, Ending Clergy Abuse (ECA) Founding Member and Spokesperson.
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In a memo made public this morning by conservative US Catholic news outlets, former Papal Nuncio to the U.S. Carlo Maria Viganò accuses Pope Francis of knowing since at least June 2013 of the allegations against former cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Viganò also claims that the Pope made McCarrick his “trusted counselor” and knowingly permitted him to ignore sanctions that had been placed on him by Pope Benedict.

The truth of this shocking claim has not been established or verified.

If true, it directly implicates Pope Francis in covering up sex crimes by a powerful cardinal.  This would fundamentally undermine the moral credibility of his papacy.

If not true, then Viganò himself should face sanctions for making false allegations.

Regardless of the truth of his claims, Vigano needs to explain his own reported complicity in covering up sexual wrongdoing by a brother bishop.  After all, this is the very accusation he is making against Francis.  In 2014, Vigano ordered a shut-down of an investigation of alleged sexual wrongdoing by Archbishop John Nienstedt of St. Paul and Minneapolis archdiocese, according to an internal memo made public by local prosecutors.

Today’s news dramatically demonstrates the secrecy and disorganization that dominates the culture that has created the child sex abuse crisis — and that culture is the culture of the Vatican.

This is infighting between curia factions that are exploiting the abuse crisis and victims of clergy sexual abuse as leverage in the struggle for church power.

The sexual abuse crisis is not about whether a bishop is a liberal or a conservative.  It is about protecting children, accountability for bishops, and justice for survivors.  Liberal bishops cover up sex crimes.  Conservative bishops cover up sex crimes.

Similarly, whether a whistle-blower is conservative or liberal does not matter. It is the truth that matters.  We encourage whistle-blowers from both factions to come forward. It is secrecy that creates the church structures that facilitate abuse.  As Archbishop Diarmuid Martin said this week, these structures “must be broken down and broken down forever.”

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