Italian survivors demand open investigation by the United Nations on clergy sexual abuse.

Three events are being organized by Rete L’ABUSO to demonstrate the serious scope of clergy sexual abuse in Italy.
Ending Clergy Abuse – Global Justice Project (ECA Global) is supporting these events and will be represented by three of its founding members: Matthias Katsch, spokesperson with ECKIGER TISCH (Squared Table) and member of the board of ECA Global from Germany, Marek Lisiński, President of the Foundation Nie lękajcie sie from Poland, Lieve Halsberghe, activist from Belgium.

2nd October, at 10.30 am, the Press conference organized by Rete L’ABUSO and by ECA Global will be held at the Foreign Press conference room in Italy, in Via dell’Umiltà 83C. All press, included Italian press are invited.

During the conference the President of Rete L’ABUSO, Francesco Zanardi, will illustrate the scope of the Italian situation regarding clergy sexual abuse. The serious extent of the crisis in Italy has a much larger dimension than in other countries due to the total absence of effective interventions and preventive measures by the last Governments in power, which until today seem disinterested in the phenomenon.

During the meeting Rete L’ABUSO will present recent initiatives promoted in the last few months. Rete L’ABUSO will outline the parliamentary issue on the phenomenon of pedophile priests filed by the Honorable Matteo Mantero last November and the warning to the Government last February and we will also detail the open investigation we hope the United Nations will spearhead towards our country.

The President of Rete L’ABUSO and the lawyer Mario Caligiuri will illustrate the new complaints about pedophilia against Italian institutions which have failed to properly address the situation. A report will also be sent to the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations in Geneva, which will mainly affect the Prosecutor’s offices of the Republic of: Rome, Milan, Como, Verona, Naples, Pavia.

3rd October, 2018
Meeting of victims and sit-ins at the Vatican

The program of this meeting is divided into two phases;

9 am at the Radical Party conference room in via Torre Argentina 76 (Rome), there will be a meeting between the Italian victims, open to the public after 10.30 am. Those present at the meeting will be the President of the Rete L ‘ABUSO, Francesco Zanardi, representatives of ECA Global who will arrive from Germany, Belgium, and Poland and representatives of the Association Sordi Provolo of Verona. Also attending the meeting will be Maurizio Turco, radical exponent who has been dealing with the case in Italy in the last 20 years, the lawyer Mario Caligiuri, consultant of Rete L’ABUSO for the Lazio region, and the Public Prosecutor of Rete L’ABUSO. Mario Caligiuri has been instrumental in promoting the initiatives against the Italian Government, which includes the warning issued on February 18, that will be sent to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. At this event, attorney Caligiuri will also illustrate the complaint against the Government, accused of aiding pedophilia. A complaint that will affect several Public Prosecutors in Italy, including that of Rome, Milan, Como, Verona, Naples, Pavia.

During the meeting the former students of the Institute Antonio Provolo of Verona, will be presented who are the victims of presbyter Pius X in the Vatican and those of the priests: Don Silverio Mura, Don Marino Genoa, Don Mauro Galli, Monsignor Angelo Pio Loco: all cases currently in the attention of the Italian Judicial Authority, as well as other victims of Italian priests who have already been judged or prescribed. The meeting will also be attended by representatives from the Association Sordi Provolo.

3 pm, there will be a sit-in of the survivors, also open to the public, which will take place in front of the Vatican, in the gardens of Castel S. Angelo.

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Francesco Zanardi

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Simone Padovani

Ending Clergy Abuse (ECA) is a global justice organization of prominent clergy abuse survivor leaders and human rights activists from over 18 countries and 4 continents. ECA compels the Roman Catholic Church to end clergy abuse, especially child sexual abuse, in order to protect children and to seek justice for victims. – @ENDCLERGYABUSE –

Rete L’ABUSO “Associazione dei sopravvissuti agli abusi sessuali del clero”

Rete L’ABUSO è un’organizzazione no profit che combattere gli abusi sessuali su minori, in particolare quelli commessi dalle confessioni religiose.
Creata dalle vittime nel 2010, oggi, oltre a fornire assistenza gratuita alle vittime, sul suo blog ospita un dettagliato database dei casi raccolti in una mappa che rende davvero l’idea del fenomeno in Italia.