ECA+Xumek in Rome, 2020

Argentine deaf survivors and global leaders from the Mendoza-based human rights organization, Xumek, Ending Clergy Abuse: Global Justice Project (ECA),, Pathways Foundation, ACTS and SNAP,  gathered in Rome to mark the first anniversary of the Pope's global abuse summit. They requested a public meeting with Pope Francis but he ignored their request. Click here for a Summary of events by Xumek

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ECA + XUMEK in Geneva 2020

Global leaders from ECA GLOBAL, deaf clergy abuse survivors from Argentina and their attorneys from the Human Rights organization Xumek traveled to Geneva in February 2020 to present a report that questions ecclesiastical action in the case of the Antonio Próvolo Institute in Mendoza. The report was delivered to the United Nations Committee against Torture and the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, which in 2014 issued a series of recommendations for the Church to collaborate in the Ordinary Justice investigations into cases of sexual abuse.

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Survivors around the world dismayed by reversal of Cardinal Pell’s guilty verdict

Setback, they say, cannot deter path forward. Statement by Ending Clergy Abuse (ECA). APRIL 7, 2020. Survivors around the world today are reacting with dismay and confusion over the Australian High Court’s reversal of the conviction of Cardinal George Pell for child sexual assault. Although the court said it was not ruling on the guilt or innocence of Pell it effectively did just that, annulling a guilty verdict by a jury, which was upheld by a majority appeals court decision.  It seems as if the high court made the extraordinary decision to re-try the case on their own, although Pell was given the absolute fullest latitude of the law and was represented by a competent and very expensive defense team. No new or suppressed evidence was brought to the court; prosecutorial misconduct was not alleged; the defense did not charge an atmosphere of bias.   The jury heard the prosecutor’s case [...]

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Always Connected

APRIL 3, 2020. "This is a unique moment in the history of humanity as each of us in the world faces unprecedented challenges. Let us be comforted in the knowing that we are all powerful individuals who chose to create and be a part of the global network of ECA in order to make a difference on the planet. We are always connected and constantly seeking ways to make this world a safer place for children and vulnerable adults. As we take the time to remain safer at home in order that the global community may heal from this Covid-19 virus, let us be mindful that April is designated as Child Abuse Prevention Month and there are others who still need our care and attention even as we care for ourselves. We have turned our childhood pain into a force for justice. Let us continue to stand together to be a hope [...]

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Los supervivientes refutan la afirmación de Scicluna de que “el silencio y el encubrimiento” en la Iglesia son ahora “cosa del pasado”.

2 DE MARZO DE 2020 Su Santidad, el Papa Francisco Palacio Apostólico 00120 Ciudad del Vaticano. Querido Papa Francis, Nuestra organización dirigió la mayor reunión internacional de clérigos víctimas de abusos sexuales y activistas en Roma en febrero de 2019 y 2020. Nuestra conducta fue pacífica y nuestro mensaje claro: Tolerancia Cero. El mes pasado, durante el primer aniversario de su cumbre mundial sobre el abuso, volvimos a Roma para entregar un informe sobre los acontecimientos del año pasado en todo el mundo. Nuestra presencia no fue reconocida y nadie del Vaticano o de los líderes de la Iglesia se acercó a nosotros. Esto contrastaba con el año pasado cuando fuimos invitados a reunirnos con su grupo de planificación antes de la Cumbre y los Cardenales vinieron a visitarnos durante la Cumbre para intercambios informales. Vinimos este año con la expectativa de comprometernos con usted o sus representantes y para [...]

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Survivors refute Scicluna’s statement that “silence and cover-ups” in the Church are now “a thing of the past”.

MARCH 2, 2020. His Holiness, Pope Francis, Apostolic Palace, 00120 Vatican City. Dear Pope Francis, Our organization led the largest international gathering of clergy sexual abuse victims and activists in Rome in February 2019 and 2020.  Our conduct was peaceful and our message clear: Zero Tolerance. Last month, during the first anniversary of your global summit on abuse we returned to Rome to deliver a report on the developments over the past year from around the world. Our presence was not acknowledged and no one from the Vatican or Church leadership approached us. This was in sharp contrast to last year when we were invited to meet with your planning group before the Summit and Cardinals dropped in to visit with us during the Summit for informal exchanges. We came this year with the expectation of engagement with you or your representatives and to give you our assessment of the [...]

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