Again, Pope Francis does not tell us how he is going to end the sexual abuse crisis.

 Why is Cardinal Wuerl still a Cardinal?

 Statement by Peter Isely, ECA Founding Member and Spokesperson.

Today as he arrived in Ireland Pope Francis has once again missed another opportunity to seriously and concretely tell the world what he is going to do about the child sexual abuse and cover up crisis.  This crisis is a global crisis.  It not only effects Ireland, where there has been so much suffering, but in every corner of the globe where the Catholic Church is present.

What is most important about the Pope’s speech is what he did not say. He did not say that he will change church law so that any priest who has sexually abused a child will be permanently removed from ministry.   He did not say that any bishop who has been proven to have covered up sex crimes will be removed from office.  Until he at least says and does that, nothing else he says and does will be effective in ending the crisis.

Last week, with the damning Grand Jury Report in Pennsylvania, the world learned once of the systematic, widespread cover up of child sex crimes by the Catholic Church. One of the bishops proven to have deliberately covered up child sex abuse in Pennsylvania is Donald Wuerl, now Cardinal Archbishop of Washington DC.  Wuerl was on national television in the United States a few days before the report was released and said he never transferred an abusive priest.  He said, “That was not my process.”  The evidence released by the Grand Jury proves, beyond any doubt, that this was exactly Cardinal Wuerl’s “process”.  He transferred one of the most notorious pedophile priests from the diocese of Pittsburg to a parish in Reno, Nevada.  He aided and facilitated not only the flight of a pedophile across state lines, he set him up in a new parish where he would have unfettered access to children.  #EnditNow #TakeAction

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